Quazar BBS Door Game Server

Quazar BBS Door Game Server
Location:Maricopa, AZ, USA

Welcome to Quazar BBS Door Game Server.

This is a Door Game Server BBS that allows other Sysops to link to the site so they can add Door Games to their site.  For example, some people run their BBS but lack the ability/capability to run Door Games on their BBS for one reason or another.  If your BBS can Telnet Out to other BBS’s, then you can add Quazar BBS Door Game Server to your BBS and let your visitors play Door Games without you having to struggle to try and set up Door Games!

I do not know many other BBS Software’s and how they can Telnet out, but I know Mystic BBS allows for you to do that in the Menu’s.  Here is how you Add that to your Menu…

Mystic Menu Editing:

Use  (IT) Outbound TELNET

Data:   /addr=quazarbbs.dtdns.net  /port=992

And that’s it… Pretty simple.  For others, you can just Add it as a BBS to visit, quazarbbs.dndns.net 992

Adding the 992 Port is very important… If you forget to add the Port, you will end up visiting my other BBS “Another F-ing BBS”…

Or you can just visit the site and play games, including my own original games “Star Trek Enhanced – The Klingon Incursion”,  “Story Board” and “Break The Web”…

If you see I am missing a really good Door Game, you can Upload it via the first menu and I will Add the game you send… So we can have TONS of Games that people can play.

Thank you and your feedback is always welcome.

Gary Crunk
Another F-ing BBS (anotherbbs.bbsindex.com  Port 23)
Big Box of Raspberry PI (bigboxofpi.bbsindex.com  Port 2323)
Quazar BBS Door Game Server (quazarbbs.dtdns.net  Port 992)

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This BBS is using a non-standard telnet port (992), the web telnet script may not work.

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