DDI BBSystem

NEWUSER? Take a look at the BBS! Login as NEWUSER and no password! Registration on BBS by REAL NAMES only!! Open 24 Hours. 365 Days a year. Free Membership. Points are welcome. Member of: Fidonet 2:230/35, HTMLNet 32:230/35, STNnet 111:7045/35. Lots of echomail areas from all 3 nets, and I support file-search in the Fidonet conference – FILEFIND! ACCESS TO BBS BY TELNET (port 5123) TO: TELNET.DDIBBSYSTEM.DK

Momia BBS

The largest repository of world heyday of shareware BBSs. Furthermore, Fidonet, Chat, Doors and more.

Curmudgeon’s Place

An old fashioned BBS running probably the only Proboard BBS left in the US. I feature messages from Fidonet, DoveNet, JustaXnet, Micronet and Radio/Weather Net. I also have 60 + games on the system and almost all of them registered. Please use your real name when logging in the first time.

Bits & Bytes BBS

FidoNet, Micronet, STN, AdventureNet, ZeNet, PascalNet, LinuxNet, Many registered doors.