Facility BBS

Doors, Networks etc… board is still building!


My first BBS server based on Mystic-BBS if you want to test the server:
user : demo pass : demo

Schedule on French UCT:

– Normal : open : 8:00 close : 23:00

– week-end : open : 8:00h closed : ???


Ps: sorry for my bad English

Sound Source ][

The resurrection of one of my old systems. Specializing in audio files and audio related message echos.
Member of MusicalNet.

Bates Motel BBS

The Bates Motel was run in the 209 area code during the late 80s early 90s. It started on an Atari 130XE. It currently resides on an Atari TT030 16/4 with plenty of HD space & a CD jukebox for all your files loving. We have files for Atari 800/XL/XE/ST/TT/STe/Portfolio as well as TI 99/4a

Demonic Toys BBS

A recreation of the BBS I ran in the early 90’s at 708-460-2847 based out of Orland Park, Il. Running a Real DOS version of Renegade BBS, so door games DO work. Hopefully adding some FIDOnet and maybe Usenet newsgroups. Stay tuned for a TBA Dialup # with Eeaster eggs to be had!

Internetking BBS

this bbs carries a lot of message bases plus a lot of classic door games as well.lot of classic door games as well.

Doors are:

Bubble Boggle, Dice Warz 2, Chicken Delivery, Jeopardized!, Dice Warz, Kingdom, DrugLord, Dragonlance, Fat Fish, Life, Kannons and Katapults,  Maze Race, Lemons, Milliway’s Casino, Star Trek, Piss-o-Rama, Synkroban, Star Stocks, Thirstyville, Synchronetris, Uber Blox!, Gooble Gooble, Synchronet Blackjack!, Solomoriah’s WAR!, DoorMUD v0.99, Wordem, Legend of the Red Dragon, Netrunner, Lunatix, Assassin, Legend of the Red Dragon, BBS Crash, MZK LORD, Virtual Sysop, Operation: Overkill II, The Pit, Trade Wars 2002, Bordello Planets: The Exploration, Junkyard, Global War, Murder Motel, Global Backgammon, Darklands, Barren Realms Elite, Hackin’ Crackin’ Falcon’s Eye, Mega Slots, Usurper, Fresh Water Fishing Sim, Falcon’s Honor, Lemonade, The Arcadian Legends, Dungeon Master, DoorMUD, BCR Games Server, Pimp Wars.

I also offer a lot of modern menu shells and classic menu shells that been updated/fixed for the current version of  Synchronet. Many to offer that will be added over time. Please check it out.



Sixty-Eight (68K) Time Machine BBS

THE ___ ___ _ _
/ _|/ \| | / / File and Message Areas for:
| |_ | | || |/ / – Amiga
| | > < | < – Linux
| | || | || |\ \ – Demos
\___/\___/|_| \_\ – Text
– Music
Classic Door Games:
retro-regenerator.ddns.net port 1024 – Hack & Slash
Sysop: Midnight Flip – Global Wars 2
– Space Empire
MaxsBBS / Amiga A4000/040 – Star Trek
Located in Adelaide, South Australia …and much more!

Quazar BBS Door Game Server

Quazar BBS Door Game Server

Welcome to Quazar BBS Door Game Server.

This is a Door Game Server BBS that allows other Sysops to link to the site so they can add Door Games to their site.  For example, some people run their BBS but lack the ability/capability to run Door Games on their BBS for one reason or another.  If your BBS can Telnet Out to other BBS’s, then you can add Quazar BBS Door Game Server to your BBS and let your visitors play Door Games without you having to struggle to try and set up Door Games!

I do not know many other BBS Software’s and how they can Telnet out, but I know Mystic BBS allows for you to do that in the Menu’s.  Here is how you Add that to your Menu…

Mystic Menu Editing:

Use  (IT) Outbound TELNET

Data:   /addr=quazarbbs.dtdns.net  /port=992

And that’s it… Pretty simple.  For others, you can just Add it as a BBS to visit, quazarbbs.dndns.net 992

Adding the 992 Port is very important… If you forget to add the Port, you will end up visiting my other BBS “Another F-ing BBS”…

Or you can just visit the site and play games, including my own original games “Star Trek Enhanced – The Klingon Incursion”,  “Story Board” and “Break The Web”…

If you see I am missing a really good Door Game, you can Upload it via the first menu and I will Add the game you send… So we can have TONS of Games that people can play.

Thank you and your feedback is always welcome.

Gary Crunk
Another F-ing BBS (anotherbbs.bbsindex.com  Port 23)
Big Box of Raspberry PI (bigboxofpi.bbsindex.com  Port 2323)
Quazar BBS Door Game Server (quazarbbs.dtdns.net  Port 992)

Big Box Of Raspberry Pi

Come visit us at bigboxofpi.bbsindex.com using port 2323.

This is my BBS on a Raspberry Pi with a large Western Digital Hard Drive.

Plenty of Files…

I will be adding Games and Network Messaging soon.


Proxima Centauri BBS

Proxi Centauri is a nostalgic attempt to resurrect my WWIV board from the 1990’s. Currently there has been a resurrection of WWIVnet and it is operational and networked with more than 25 other WWIV boards. It is currently a work in progress so please be patient as games and subs are added.

Captain’s Quarters

Captain’s Quarters is back from its watery grave! Running Warp Six on an all-solid-state Apple IIGS via TCPser on a Raspberry Pi. Featuring a bunch of door games, tons of text files, and retrocomputing / regtrogaming forums. Come relive your past!

Mysteria Majicka BBS

Mysteria Majicka BBS, named for the book by occultist Aleister Crowley, began life in 1996 as a single node, modem based WWIV 4.24 board in Baltimore Maryland. There were hundreds of WWIV boards in Maryland at the time and they were all connected with WWIVnet and FileNet networks. With the advent of the internet / HTTP, WWIVnet disconnected overnight. At the time, I became interested in Virtual Advanced software as you didn’t need to know how to compile code but with it’s built in scripting language, you could modify everything on the board. Kind of where Mystic BBS is now. I had one problem, the author of the software, Roland DeGraffe had left the scene and the VirtualNet network started to flounder much like WWIVnet did. With the help of Steve Winn, one of the best advocates for VADV, I was able to get a registration for the software and start my VADV version of Mysteria Majicka back in 1998. There were telnet boards starting up and we began using Dedrik Allen’s Netmodem which was a virtual modem and I was now able to get away from the modem and become a telnet BBS. Eventually Netmodem was replaced by PCmicro’s Netfoss in a telnet front end called VADV32. I have since experimented with many BBS platforms but still long for the look and feel of the older software. VADV still offers much in terms of modification and flexibility. It is a true DOS software but runs wonderfully with new processors (32bit) and runs everyone’s favorite door games very well. It is still well documented and, although the software is no longer being supported, you can find everything you need here for what you want. I wish to continue to focus on modifying and tweaking and having the small, local, feel of a small town pub that can be accessible from anywhere.

Vague BBS logon screen

Vague BBS

Vague BBS logon screen
Vague BBS logon screen

5 nodes. Door games. That’s it.

Best experienced using SyncTERM or Qodem.


  1. Alcatraz opened circa 1985 closed mid-late 1989. Currently runs on an emulator on a pc. We were a member of UFP. For best results, log in with an Atari 8-bit or ATASCII emulator like AT_Telnet2 or Syncterm for the PC.

Dark Star BBS

AmiExpress 4.20 running on an Amiga A1200 http://baudgirl.com telnet://baudgirl.com:2300 ftp://baudgirl.com:2100

Basement BBS

The Basement BBS was originally online from 1986 – 1998. The version that you can now telnet to was pieced together with backup floppy disks from 1990-1993. The BBS includes restored messages/message bases from 1990-1993, some restored file sections, 21 online games, and lots of customization. For best results, log in with an Atari 8-bit or a telnet client that supports ATASCII (Atari Mode). One such client is Syncterm. Syncterm is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X, etc. You can download Syncterm here.

The Basement’s telnet address is: basementbbs.ddns.net port: 9000.

If you rather not use a telnet client, then you can log in using a web client available at: www.sfhqbbs.org/telnet-basement.php

Note: The web client below does not work with The Basement. You  need to use the aforementioned web client.

Update: Our web page is now available at http://basementbbs.ddns.net/.

House of Lunduke

The best of BBS gaming – with active player community. LORD, TradeWars, Exitilus, BRE, The Pit, & more. 20 nodes. Free for all.


Resurrection of my PCBoard BBS,  Now fully online and still receiving tweaks and further developments.  All FidoNet echoes are available plus a number of games and connection to BBS Links and other Game Servers.  Also user can telnet to other BBSes.

Helicon BBS

Arizona BBS. Classic door games: Legend of The Red Dragon, Trade Wars 2002 Gold, Global Wars, Food Fight. Email: heliconbbs@gmail.com

Deep Space ’94

Recently migrated to Mystic BBS software.

Featuring fsxNet, DOVE-Net, BBSlink.net message networks.

Full selection of door games through BBSlink.net

60+ file areas focusing on classic demoscene files, retrogaming/emulation, and more.

Check us out! Or don’t. You know, I’m not your boss.


MajorBBS 9.3 – MBBS/WG Official support BBS. Dedicated connection on a fast PC. Activly resurrecting old games and add-ons, as well as the classics, MajorMud, T-Lord, Interactive Trade Wars, Sub Striker, etc.. Also, the BBS listed above and/or below this may be better 🙂

Orbit BBS

Orbit feartures 15 Local message bases available. Connected to AgoraNet, SurvivalNet, DixieNet and FidoNet. First call access to the full system with LOCAL message areas only. Othernets available with a simple request. Mystic Relay Chat is also available. Website is available with fTelnet.