Mysteria Majicka BBS
Software:Virtual Advanced
Location: West Barnstable, MA, USA

Mysteria Majicka BBS, named for the book by occultist Aleister Crowley, began life in 1996 as a single node, modem based WWIV 4.24 board in Baltimore Maryland. There were hundreds of WWIV boards in Maryland at the time and they were all connected with WWIVnet and FileNet networks. With the advent of the internet / HTTP, WWIVnet disconnected overnight. At the time, I became interested in Virtual Advanced software as you didn’t need to know how to compile code but with it’s built in scripting language, you could modify everything on the board. Kind of where Mystic BBS is now. I had one problem, the author of the software, Roland DeGraffe had left the scene and the VirtualNet network started to flounder much like WWIVnet did. With the help of Steve Winn, one of the best advocates for VADV, I was able to get a registration for the software and start my VADV version of Mysteria Majicka back in 1998. There were telnet boards starting up and we began using Dedrik Allen’s Netmodem which was a virtual modem and I was now able to get away from the modem and become a telnet BBS. Eventually Netmodem was replaced by PCmicro’s Netfoss in a telnet front end called VADV32. I have since experimented with many BBS platforms but still long for the look and feel of the older software. VADV still offers much in terms of modification and flexibility. It is a true DOS software but runs wonderfully with new processors (32bit) and runs everyone’s favorite door games very well. It is still well documented and, although the software is no longer being supported, you can find everything you need here for what you want. I wish to continue to focus on modifying and tweaking and having the small, local, feel of a small town pub that can be accessible from anywhere.

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