Helicon BBS

Arizona BBS. Classic door games: Legend of The Red Dragon, Trade Wars 2002 Gold, Global Wars, Food Fight. Email: heliconbbs@gmail.com

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Amiga City

A BBS for the Amiga computer line – Yes, it’s still supported… 🙂 We have over 2,500 downloads in the website, and a selected subset in the FTP area.

Basement Theory Header

Basement Theory

Update: SSH Port Changed to 2222; Telnet Remains 23.

The Basement Theory is a re-envisioning of the dial-up BBS I ran in the 1990s. Originally running in the local-calling area for Scioto County, Ohio and northern Greenup County, Kentucky, The Basement Theory existed under three BBS names: The Cool (1993-94), The Basement Theory (1994-95), and A Saucerful of Secrets (1995-97). “The Basement Theory” is surely the most remembered name by the old users, and is why it’s the “new” name, today.

The current version of The Basement Theory borrows from old backups of the original BBS to create its theme and attitude. Much of the old data is available to view or download from the BBS. In fact, the current ANSI menus are the same ones as used on the BBS in September 1995, according to the file dates of the backed-up ANSIs.

Of course, even though the board is an admitted exercise in nostalgic self-indulgence, The Basement Theory‘s main goal is to be a contributing part of the current BBS scene. It belongs to DOVE-net, FidoNet, and Agoranet, in case you’re looking for a node to participate in the BBS message networks. It also runs several door game favorites, including games still being developed, like Rick Parrish’s modern port of Usurper. There are even new, ongoing archival projects, such as the Animation File Archival Project (GL/FLI/DL) and the Exec-PC Graphics Archive.

So, why not come be part of a new community? Visit The Basement Theory today!

Outwest BBS

The Outwest BBS revamped from the early 1990’s

Split Infinity

Split Infinity is one of the oldest BBS’s in the country. Started back in 1984 as Windsong BBS running a D&D style game, it went on to become an ISP in Brevard, FL. Home of the following BBS Software utilities: Wycker, Firefly, Serenity & Corporate Wars.

Code Red BBS (2)

Code Red BBS is a game only BBS. We offer many doors along with Door Party, CombatNet, BBSLink, and Exodus gaming servers so that callers can play against other callers from all over the world!


BBS Catering to Amateur Radio, and anything Radio Controlled (RC)

Ninho do Abutre 2 BBS

Fidonet Brazil Fidonet Spain Fidonet International DOVE-NET Usenet Private newsgroups 8000+ files

dali's cat bbs

Dali’s Cat

Dali’s Cat BBS, the favorite of Andre Breton (since 1925)! Now for fun and glory, couple of stock games, dove-net/retronet/agoranet/fsx net msg bases, files area – only ansi packs (blocktronics so far) and ansi gallery by yers truly.

dali's cat menu
dali’s cat menu

PBSync Prison Board BBS

PBSync Prison Board, a free and hobbyist bbs.  FidoNet and DoveNet message areas. Games available are via BBSLinks, DoorParty and BCRGame Server.  A few favorite card games are available.  More to come.

Stepping Stone BBS

Thousands of messages, many on-line games and thousands of files for everyone!

Blackfair’s Manor

Lots of Doors, most are registered. Tradewars, LORD, BRE, Death Masters, LORD2 are among some. Some games are netted.

Valley BBS

Home of KTFO: Boxing and the Arena: Warrior remake. Fido, games, custom menus.

Valhalla Home Services (1)

Valhalla Home Services went online on April 12, 1991. At that time we used GAP software, then switched to Remote Access, and now we are using Synchronet. Valhalla is a family orented BBS, with a gaming theme. We have over 150 Registered OnLine Games. In addition to the games, we have a large message area featuring many networks. For those of you looking for those older files, we feature a very large filebase. Drop on by, and take a look.

Guardian of Forever

Guardian of Forever began as a place for me and my kids to play games, write messages, and have fun. Recently I have begun building my own doors and games: Sports Stats, an informational door that gives standings and scores for the four major American sports; and Doubles, an ANSI/BBS port of the popular game 2048. The BBS also hosts some in-progress experiments and demos. You are welcome to try them, and I’d love to hear feedback. But they are constantly changing, and at times they might be broken. Guardian of Forever is also now a distro BBS for the Mistigris artgroup. You can find many of their artpacks in the file transfer section.


Asirta.com is a Web enabled BBS dedicated to new 80’s themed music, games, music gear. Asirta.com also has networked BBSLink games such as LORD and Tradewars. There a multitude of message networks along with an active BBS to BBS online community. See you there!

Crazy World BBS

Full of registered doors/files/Message Nets. Call now ! give it a shot 🙂

Horizon BBS

Online since 1994 Fidonet, X-Net, ILink, Adventurenet, BBSLink, CoA and More!

Time Warp of the Future BBS

The Home of League 10 Ibbs Games, As well as Black Five & Paranormal Net & Amateur Radio Network & Nuke Net & a hub The QWK / FTN hub for WhisperNet / Legion Net. Home of FidoNet Region 17 Net 340. Have a bunch of Lord Games & Lord ][. Have a few games including Usurper.