ByteXchange BBS

This BBS was created early on, in the late 80s by my good friend. I have now resurrected it into a modern Mystic BBS. We offer door games, tons message networks, and tons files, modern and older. It is also the WHQ BBS for Cyber-Net FTN BBS Network. You can fill out an online app on the BBS. Enjoy!

Cartel BBS

Back in the day, you ran around with a bunch your parents didn’t approve of. You spent your days in the underground, dialing into BBSes and not much worrying what other people thought. We get it. We’re your cartel. You like old school computing, and we’re just like you.

Leisure Time BBS

Just starting the board up. It is based on the Mystic BBS Software running under Ubuntu 16.04 32-bit. I am currently focusing on Door games and have quite a few Sunrise Doors installed right now.

iNK tWO bbs

Ink Two

An art/programming board for the creatives and geeks alike.

Search BBS

Running Mystic BBS software on a Raspberry Pi 2.

Connected to FSXNet and BBSLink for lots of Games.

Resistance Pride

Resistance Pride BBS is a place to find support, spread ideas, discuss current events, and provide resources for organizing. The goal is to foster a network of people across the world. Rather than try to work up a new website and manage a forum and deal with all that, I decided to go old-school.

A 90’s Manila BBS

The System Operator’s primary motivation in running this BBS is to have fun in retro computing. He exerted effort to make this BBS give you a mid-1990’s BBSing experience. Fidonet and FsxNet echo mail areas are available here. Popular door games such as (but not limited to) LORD, LORD2, Global War, etc., can be played here.

Dave’s BBS (1)

Just an old fashioned BBS which will hold messages, doors, and fun for everyone

Vengeance BBS

Vengeance BBS

BBS dedicated to underground culture, retrogaming, (retro)programming, hacking, indipendent music and cyberpunk.

Sinclair Retro BBS

A Retro BBS totally dedicated to the great Sinclair Research computers of the 80’s! Here you can find Sinclair users, sharing of programs for Sinclair Z81, Spectrum, QL and Sam Coup√® too. Is the first and unique BBS dedicated to the world of Sinclair active on these days. Enjoy it!

Another F-ing BBS

This BBS is dedicated to Old Computer Software such as IBM PC/JR, IBM XT, AT, 386, 486 and 586’s. ¬†Mainly DOS software, some Windows 3.1 stuff but mostly DOS stuff. ¬†Either Shareware or Freeware.

If you’re looking for modern stuff, you won’t find it here. ¬†We also are not a Gaming site, too many other sites offer that (Doors).

Browse, ¬†Download and Enjoy. ¬†Leave comments and I will completely Ignore Them! ¬†ūüôā Enjoy the BBS.

Running on a Windows XP and ¬†Mystic BBS software. ¬†Operating 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 368 days a year. ¬†We’re Dedicated!



Slime City BBS

TOP ELiTE board running Mystic and the WHQ of the RETRO!HACK BBS network! Heavily modded.

Alcoholiday BBS

“That’s one of the best BBS logos ever made.” – Hawk Hubbard, sysop of¬†Black Flag¬†(The World’s Most Dangerous BBS)

danger-girlAlcoholiday BBS! Est. 1995, reborn in 2001, and born yet again in 2015. Running Mystic on a Raspberry Pi 2, a dozen message nets, three stylish themes (custom art by Blocktronics, Impure and more). “The online cyber keg party.”

Alcoholiday is not an “art board” per se, but a board that appreciates good art — both of the “Amiga ASCII” and CP437 ANSI variety. Our main theme is called “Danger Girl” and is inspired by deadly women of comic books.

“The West Gate” is Alcoholiday’s more mystical alter-ego, based on the symbolism of Freemasonry, and is available as a theme at login. We also have a “Minimal” theme that is purely ASCII-based for ease of use with non-ANSI terminal clients, and limited mobile apps.

Alcoholiday has very few file areas, as we believe the spirit of the traditional bulletin board is within its message bases. However we are an official iMPURE Ascii distribution site, and we do feature a handful of unique file bases for retro esotericism.

We suggest Netrunner or Syncterm for the best experience. Both clients will automagically change fonts so ASCII resembles its traditional Amiga font, and ANSI blocks are represented properly. The browser-based terminal below will also work, but results may vary.

Alcoholiday wouldn’t exist without the help and support of a few folks: Caphood, Jack Phlash, Griskokare, Luciano, g00r00, Avon, Metalhead, Gryphon, H7, Skuz, Shooter, Weatherman, and many others.

Be sure to follow Alcoholiday on Twitter @alcoholidaybbs as I post all sorts of BBS-related stuff there.

-Zero Reader

Networks carried:

– AgoraNet (46:1/166)
– ZeroNet (911:1803/0)
– DoRENet (44:100/1)
–¬†Survival Net (9:91/18)
–¬†fsxNet (21:1/113)
–¬†FidoNet (1:123/525)
–¬†WWIVnet-FTN (11:1/202)
–¬†VKRadioNet (432:1/103)
–¬†RetroNet (80:774/8)
–¬†CyberNet (40:200/20)

Home of several Python scripts by Zero Reader:

– Solar-Terrestrial Data
– Raspberry Pi System Info
– Google Trends (ported to Python from Frost’s original script)
– TopBox (The weekend’s top-grossing films)
– Local weather/Moon phase conditions
– Trump Tweets (For fun… not a political statement)
– RSS Robot for dumping RSS feeds into message bases
– Drunken Quotes
– And more…


Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 4.31.41 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.14.47 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.18.13 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.14.13 PM


Video: Mystic Guy’s Review


First opened in 1993, closed in 1995 and re-opened in 2015 its main focus was and is on recreating the look & feel of old school demo-scene boards. Oh and I have quiet some news networks, too: FidoNet, gerBBS, RetroNet, SurvNet, doRENET and AgoraNet. Door Games via BBSlink…

SmokyThing BBS

SmokyThing BBS first came online 11/02/15. This new Bulletin board runs on the latest version of Mystic BBS software. We features inter BBS chat via MRC. We are a proud member of the fsxNet ftn network, with more networks to come. Several door games with new games being added all time.

Solar Pi BBS

The only off-grid, solar powered Raspberry Pi, running Mystic BBS! BBS with a focus on WNY events, but open to all users.

Lunatic Fringe

Modern BBS with an oldskool feel. Many doors and nets.


Play Legend of the Red Dragon, talk about games and programming (and programming games). Also a testbed for homebrew Mystic programs.

Lightning BBS




Now running Mystic BBS!  Member of FidoNet, fsxNet & DoveNet.  Usenet newsgroups.  Member of Door Party & Valhalla Tradewars server.  50+ registered door games including LORD, TEOS, Usurper, Exitilus, Ambroshia, Trade Wars, The Clans, BRE, FE, Eclectic Avenue, Pimp Wars and a bunch of card and dice games.  Older DOS era files and BBS related programs.  Full access to the door games, files and read-only access to networked message bases on the first call (after creating your account).  Posting requires validation.  Now accessible by modem, visit for more information.

Legacy Virtual Advanced system is also online on telnet port 2401.




New users can take up to 24 hours (usually a lot faster) to gain access to the game area.

Running Mystic BBS and we support the Amiga and the Commodore 64/128, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Coco & OS/2.

Necronomicon BBS

Ran and maintained by Carlos Roldan aka Necromaster. Running Mystic BBS windows (Latest Version) on port 23. Come check us out!  WHQ for RetroNet. With areas for Amiga, Atari, PC, Coleco Adam, Apple, Emulators and others. Currently have the following Network message and file areas: SurvNet, FSXNet, AgoraNet, DoreNet, GatorNet, SFNet, CSCNet, SportNet, MicroNet, CyberNet, DoveNet, MusicalNet, DeveloperNet, Radio/Weather Net, CombatNet, WhisperNet, FidoNet, RetroNet and HappyNet! Featuring CombatNet 411 league door games, BBSLink door games and DoorParty GameSrv server written by Rick Parrish. The server has over 160 door games with almost every one registered, and about 70 DOS text games. The LORD game also has about 130 IGMs rotated to 5 random per day! Hosted by Throwback BBS! Also featuring MRC which allows you to chat with users connected locally to the BBS as well as other users from other systems! Cyber-Net Eastern Coordinator. ANSI ONLY!


Dreamland BBS

This BBS was started back in 1994 and closed 2009 as dm had health issues and had to take a break and now re opened in Feb of 2015 and is dedicated to bringing back quality to bbsing. We have Win32 doors and mpl games. DoRENET echonet, Zero-net & Fido. In addition files, local messages and its all ansi based. Come join us  we have LoRD Win32.

Miskatonic BBS

A humble and intimate place to share a chat, meet nostalgic from around the world, leave messages and share information and files. The good old Internet as I like (certainly not that of today).

Error 404 BBS

Well it’s been a great year, lots have changed and we welcome all of you to stop by Error 404 BBS. We have great door games to play , loads and loads if files to browse and download, and many message nets. We also offer a vintage T.A.G. bbs for users to check out called Detroit 313. We also offer telnet out to other BBSes from with in our own board by using our custom BBS telnet list. Also you can find us at (no telnet needed) Stop by and say hello!