MajorBBS 9.3 – MBBS/WG Official support BBS. Dedicated connection on a fast PC. Activly resurrecting old games and add-ons, as well as the classics, MajorMud, T-Lord, Interactive Trade Wars, Sub Striker, etc.. Also, the BBS listed above and/or below this may be better 🙂

Swords of Chaos Forever BBS

BBS is dedicated to Swords of Chaos and it’s active player community. We have replicated the old Seabreeze mods and are the most active SoC game on the net!

Starbase 21

Running MajorBBS 9.3 (Worldgroup 3.3) we’ve got a ton of classic modules online and always adding more as we can get them working. Tele-Arena 5.6f, TWGS (Trade Wars 2002), Swords of Chaos, LoRD, The Rose:Council of Guardians, Mutants!, Farwest Trivia (and Tele-Trivia), Worldlink Chat, and more! Come check it out! HTML5 telnet client available at our website. Instructions for using classic terminal programs available there as well.

Saturn V BBS

Saturn V BBS was originally opened in 1985 in Montreal, Canada and eventually moved to Florida in the mid 2000’s.

Nexus BBS (1)

MajorBBS games now online such as MajorMUD, MBBS, Tradewars 2002 v2.00p, Tele-Arena, Blademaster, Erotica, Galactic Empire, Lunatix, Mutants!, Ringmasters, Swords & Sorcery, Swords of Chaos (SoC) and more. Plus the best Door Games such as Usurper, LORD II, The Arcadian Legends, Falcon’s Honor, BRE – Barren Realms Elite, DoorMUD, Falcon’s Eye and more. Trade Wars Game Server online, contact us for a private TW2002 universe for you and your friends, full 25 game/100 user license up! So much more to see and do, always online. Visit us today. No client? Use our easy telnet web client right from the website – no software to download or install. Perfect for if you’re not at home!

Onix BBS

Philadelphia’s friendliest BBS! Online continuously since April 1987! One of the first BBSes in the world to run MajorBBS software. Featured in several publications. Voted to Boardwatch’s top 100 BBS list.