DDI BBSystem

NEWUSER? Take a look at the BBS! Login as NEWUSER and no password! Registration on BBS by REAL NAMES only!! Open 24 Hours. 365 Days a year. Free Membership. Points are welcome. Member of: Fidonet 2:230/35, HTMLNet 32:230/35, STNnet 111:7045/35. Lots of echomail areas from all 3 nets, and I support file-search in the Fidonet conference – FILEFIND! ACCESS TO BBS BY TELNET (port 5123) TO: TELNET.DDIBBSYSTEM.DK

Momia BBS

The largest repository of world heyday of shareware BBSs. Furthermore, Fidonet, Chat, Doors and more.

Bits & Bytes BBS

FidoNet, Micronet, STN, AdventureNet, ZeNet, PascalNet, LinuxNet, Many registered doors.