Cartel BBS

Back in the day, you ran around with a bunch your parents didn’t approve of. You spent your days in the underground, dialing into BBSes and not much worrying what other people thought. We get it. We’re your cartel. You like old school computing, and we’re just like you.

Marco 2000

BBS italiana in costruzione Attendo contributi

Leisure Time BBS

Just starting the board up. It is based on the Mystic BBS Software running under Ubuntu 16.04 32-bit. I am currently focusing on Door games and have quite a few Sunrise Doors installed right now.

iNK tWO bbs

Ink Two

An art/programming board for the creatives and geeks alike.


MMN was started in 1996 in the basement of a Brunswick Ave house. It moved along with me ever since. Now based in Paris, France with dial-up via a Toronto number, it’s still going 21 years later.

Herbies BBS

Running (again) a Proboard 2.17 System. I’m thinking, if or how I could connect to the BBS to the FidoNet.

In the meantime, you can contact me as 2:240/2188.9


Login as
gast / gast or
guest / guest
available (german or english language settings)

You can use the cursor keys to navigate through the bbs.

Golconda & The Punktheon

A return to the early ’80s roots; a system under no scene or elite group banner at all! Hosted on System Express v1.4, a trad vintage BBS system. 3 confs dedicated to PUNK, HORROR and SCI-FIC, no validation required, freeware games for many platforms and texts file areas to match the above.

Another F-ing BBS 2

Another F-ing BBS 2 is a separate BBS from Another F-ing BBS.

Yes, I originally had this running RYBBS.  But I discovered that it would not let anyone Download anything.  So I broke out my old Spitfire BBS that I used to run Quzar BBS on.  Dusted it off, made some changes and here we go.

It still uses the same “Files” as AFBBS1, but different message bases.  This one also has a few Door Games.

Plenty of Files…




RF Studio

Back from the dead. Like many BBSes the RF Studio was online during the 90s. It focused on Gaming and Ham Radio. It was popular for online gaming of Doom, Quake, etc. As of 2017, I have brought it back for the 3rd time now. Has files from the 90s and registered T-LORD. Doors to come soon.

Resistance Pride

Resistance Pride BBS is a place to find support, spread ideas, discuss current events, and provide resources for organizing. The goal is to foster a network of people across the world. Rather than try to work up a new website and manage a forum and deal with all that, I decided to go old-school.

A 90’s Manila BBS

The System Operator’s primary motivation in running this BBS is to have fun in retro computing. He exerted effort to make this BBS give you a mid-1990’s BBSing experience. Fidonet and FsxNet echo mail areas are available here. Popular door games such as (but not limited to) LORD, LORD2, Global War, etc., can be played here.