Old Amiga Scene BBS from the 90’s Now restored from a backup and running emulated in the cloud.

Part-Time BBS

Part-Time was the longest running Atari 8 bit BBS in the Cleveland Ohio 216 area code. It was originally up from from 1985 to early 2000. Part-Time was also one of the first BBSs to run BBS Express Pro! software. Part-Time’s Pro! node number is 7!

This version of the BBS was recovered with back-up disks from 1990. It includes restored messages/message bases from 1988-1990, some restored file sections, and several original online games.

Pimptite BBS

We run Worldgroup with a ton of Addons 🙂 Most players are in our Majormud and Tlord Games but we also have Swords of Chaos, The Rose, Tradewars and much more. We are completely free and hosted on a high speed data farm for the best possible gameplay 🙂

Proxima Centauri BBS

Proxima Centauri is a nostalgic attempt to resurrect my WWIV board from the 1990’s. Currently there has been a resurrection of WWIVnet and it is operational and networked with more than 25 other WWIV boards. Proxima Centauri is currently a work in progress so please be patient as games and subs are added.


Resurrection of my PCBoard BBS,  Now fully online and still receiving tweaks and further developments.  All FidoNet echoes are available plus a number of games and connection to BBS Links and other Game Servers.  Also user can telnet to other BBSes.

Phoenix BBS

FidoNet New England Regional Coordinator. Micronet Assistant Zone Coordinator. Full FidoNet backbone echomail feed and FileGate file feed. Registered doors running under DOSEMU.

Play Time Boutique

Board with dial for local menu not linked to any networks and basic menus in Sechelt BC.

PBSync Prison Board BBS

PBSync Prison Board, a free and hobbyist bbs.  FidoNet and DoveNet message areas. Games available are via BBSLinks, DoorParty and BCRGame Server.  A few favorite card games are available.  More to come.


Play Legend of the Red Dragon, talk about games and programming (and programming games). Also a testbed for homebrew Mystic programs.

Positronium Repository (1)

The Positronium is a Software Repository for Scientific and Technical Freeware & Public Domain software for DOS, Windows, OS/2 and Linux (limited Shareware & OSX/Mac). Accessible via WildCat! Dialup and Mystic Telnet for 24/7/365. File access (U/L and D/L) is granted on first call for all users. Anonymous logins are handled using User ID Fido and a password of files …files are also accessible and Mystic FTP at FTP://


PBNET BBS – an implementation of Waffle. It offers basic file transfers via Kermit, Google access (via Lynx), UUCP and Internet E-mail.

Particles! BBS

Particles! BBS is a retro-themed BBS, running on retro-themed hardware.  However, when we started in 1992, we weren’t retro… the world has just started catching up to us now 🙂  We’re running on a Commodore 128D, with 640K of RAM (which should be enough for anyone….).  Also:

  • 20,000+ Commodore 64, 128, CP/M, Vic-20, Plus/4 files (PAL and NTSC), GEOS, MODs and more!
  • Retro Usenet – read messages like it’s 1985!
  • Usenet – Yup, a Commodore BBS running Usenet.  I wrote the module, so I know it works 😉
  • Doors  doors doors..  Everything from Empire to … wait, there’s other stuff besides Empire?
  • Active!  That’s a rarity.  Since we re-rolled the board in August 2014, we just rolled over 12,000 calls, 4500 messages, and almost 600 users.

Prison Board

Fun and Free BBS with messaging, including FIDONet, Dovenet and others. Many, many registered games to play. BRE League game. Dialup BBS also and they can use telnet feture of system to telnet to other systems. Also assigned an Internet E-mail address for free.


The Pharcyde is a great BBS dedicated to messages, doors, and ANSI artwork. We have Zeronet and DOVE-Net message networks, which are both very active, and local messages are posted daily. Tons of door games, from old to new, and including InterBBS games! We also have an extensive ANSI artpack collection dating from 1993 to present. Running a VERY modded Synchronet setup with tons of ANSI graphics and lightbar menus. Telnetting this BBS is a MUST!! We’re waiting to be delighted by your presence!

Prism BBS

Home of the IFDC FileGate distribution, the Programmers Distribution Network, UtilNet distributions, and more. Telnet nodes, www nodes and dialup, free access. Online since 1989.